Google new operating system ‘Android 8.0’, know what will be new features…


Google’s new operating system Android 7.0 Nougat may be available only for some phones but the company has started working on Android 8.0.

The Google I / O 2017 Developers Conference is being held in the Shoreline Amphitheater of Mountain View, California, on May 17-19. Android 8.0 can be displayed here. According to leaked information about Android 8.0, its name will start with English alphabet ‘O’. Looking at the previous Android updates, everyone’s names are based on a food item. At the same time, it is being speculated that ‘O’ will be named Oreo in Android 8.0.

According to some other leaked reports, that Google can use the new Android version 8.0 ‘O’ in its upcoming smartphone Pixel 2. In the Android ‘O’, the company can use special features that are similar to Apple’s features. According to media reports, Google is expected to use three special features in Android 8.0, which help save time off the apps.

The first feature will be ‘Copy Less’
There will be a text copy feature under which when you start typing from one place to another, then the first thing in that place will be automatically copied.
For example, if you are planning a dinner with a friend on an instant messaging app and if you open the app related to food, then the link will be copied into your chat and paste it.
This feature is currently available on the iOS platform.

These features will be in Google’s keyboard and map
The second special feature is Google’s virtual keyboard ‘Gboard’. This feature helps you in search. If you are searching for a restaurant address, Gboard will automatically give you many options after that you can send it to anyone by sending it to the text box.

The third feature is that it can be linked to Google Maps

In which the consumer can send his current location (on google maps) via message.The map will open directly after clicking on the message. This feature was previously available on iOS platform only where if the address is sent from the iPhone to the other on the iPhone, then clicking on it directly matches the map, now this feature too is coming on  Android 8.0.

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