Google can buy HTC’s smartphone business

Technology giant Google can buy HTC’s smartphone business. Earlier even Google bought Motorola’s smartphone business and launched some smartphones. However later Google sold it.

HTC is a Taiwanese company and according to a Taiwanese publication, Google and HTC are negotiating this and it’s in the last stage. This conversation is about smartphone business acquisition. According to a report, this deal will include only the HTC Smartphone’s Research and Development Team.

Significantly, Google and HTC have already been partners for hardware products. Google’s first Nexus was also HTC’s. Nexus One introduced in January 2010, which is known as Google’s first Nexus device. If Google buys HTC’s smartphone business then there will be no surprise. Because Google and HTC have an old relationship.

Google has focused on hardware and its example is Pixel Smartphones and Google Home Smart Speakers. Apart from this, Google has many cutting-edge products. According to reports, Google is also working on a special processor for its smartphone.

According to a Bloomberg report, HTC is struggling with its hardware business and is looking for new options for its smartphone and VR business.  Neither Google has said anything on the report of this acquisition nor HTC has in the coming time, hopefully both companies can issue a statement about this.

It is worth mentioning that India is a big market of smartphones and HTC is currently unable to hold the Indian market. There are many reasons of this. First, the company takes care of premium smartphones and its prices are quite high. Even in the Chinese market, HTC has not been able to earn more from its flagship smartphone. So if Google acquires HTC then maybe HTC will once again be strong.

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