Huawei Mobile leaves Apple behind

According to a research, Huawei has overtaken Apple in the world of smartphone sales in June-July.

China’s smartphone company has overturned Apple in global sales during June-July. Huawei has now become the second largest smartphone brand after Samsung. This information came out in a research by counterpoint. Apple is launching its flagship device iPhone 8 on September 12.

South Korea’s mobile company is on number one in the Samsung Global Sales. Whereas Huawei has the second number. Counterpoint Research Director Peter Richardson believes that due to the success of Huawei, continuous investment in research and development and rapid expansion in marketing and sales channels. There is a possibility of a significant fall in Apple’s iPhone sales.

The importance of Chinese vendors is increasing in the global supply chain. Chinese smartphone companies are giving tough competition to Samsung and Apple. Along with sales, market share of Chinese mobile companies is also increasing.

In any case, Richardson believes that strong figures of Huawei’s sales are effective. “This is a huge achievement for Huawei. Today the world’s largest Chinese smartphone brand is growing rapidly.” Huawei, which is in strong position in China, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, has to strengthen its foot in America, South Asia and Indian markets. If it can not do that, then this success will be limited to this time period only.

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