It’s a problem in the iOS11 control center, did you notice?

It’s a problem in the iOS11 control center, did you notice?

Apple has released an update for iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod around the world. Several new changes have been made in this new update. The biggest visual change can be said to the new control center given in it. And some new features have also been added to it. Now when people are using it, its flaws are also exposed.

You can connect or disconnect the WiFi directly from the iOS 11 control center. Now mobile internet can also turn on from here. But this is not the case, because if you have disconnected on the WiFi icon, you can not say that the WiFi is disconnected.

According to a report from the Motherboard, disconnecting WiFi through the icon given in the control center is not actually disconnected from the user router. Because these radios do not deactivate the device. That’s because the airdrops run in the background even after tapping this icon. ‘Airdrop’ is file transfer feature of Apple.

However, as soon as you tap the WiFi icon from the control center it will turn blue. Having a blue means WiFi is on. If you tap again, it will be gray. But if the Blue is not there, the wireless radios are still on the smartphone. This can cause battery problems in iOS 11.

Now call it a bug of iOS 11 or say the company’s feature flaw. But the fact is that this feature is misleading in some way. Or maybe the company may have some objectives to do so. For example, if you have connected an Apple Watch, Air pod or pencil from your iPhone then it will not be disconnected by tapping the WiFi icon.

It’s a problem in the iOS11 control center, did you notice?

Now the question is, if Apple had to do this, then a special feature could be given to it, instead it kept the users confused. Because a common user is not so technical, and once he disconnects the WiFi, then he does not want to bother to move to another place and stop again. It is also possible that in the future Apple can fix it in new updates, but Apple has not said anything since the report of the Motherboard so far.

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