Motorola is bringing such technology, it will automatically recover if the phone screen is broken

So far you are using scratch-proof smartphones, but soon you will have a smartphone which will automatically recover after the screen breaks.

Actually, such a technology is bringing Motorola to its smartphone. If this happens then Motorola will become the first company in the world to bring the phone with this technology. Recently in the US patent and trademark office, Lenovo has applied for a patent application, according to which the screen of the phone will be broken and the dough will be added. This application was done in February. Under this technique, the mobile screen will have thermal elements which will reveal the breakdown or degradation of the screen. The name of this technology is being described as the shape memory polymer. The phone’s screen can be repaired by heating it.

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Although all types of dams will not be cured by this heat reaction, But if the phone comes in light scratches then it can be cured.

Motorola has not yet provided any information about this. In such a situation, it is not clear when this technology will come with the smartphone market.


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