A good security packages for your computer

A good security packages for your computer

In the last decade, we have got addicted to internet. We are completely dependent on this. And some people want to take advantage of this. So the role of antivirus tool increases. As the time has passed, the danger has become equally serious. In this way, antivirus software has also been made ready for every new threat.

Even though most OS makers make some security tools part of their system, but in the event of serious threat it can not be completely trusted.

A good security package must get rid of viruses and malware. It’s better to have user-friendly firewall protection, parental control options, fishing protection, and many more great features.

Most importantly, antivirus / security software should not affect the performance of our systems. Along with popup notifications get rid of it and not too expensive. There are a number of options available in the market, but we have chosen some of the best options for you.

Kaspersky Internet Security

The most important feature of Kaspersky firewall is that it decides which programs are allowed to open on the system and which ones are blocked by keeping the user’s needs in mind. Apart from this, this pop-up does not even open on new application requests. Its antivirus tool is available separately. It got a good rating. Kaspersky Internet Security’s fishing detection skills are excellent. It also blacklist the scam site, along with identifying such websites that are well-equipped with new technology. The software also allows you to scan the pre-installed app as well. The parental control system developed by Kaspersky has everything except Remote Management. It also blocks the inappropriate website for children, and prevents even from using a proxy server. With this help the guardian can decide how much time the children spend on the computer.

Bitdefender internet security

BitDefender Suite comes with BitDefender Antivirus Plus which is also available separately in the market. It works great. These claims are mostly based on the industry test. According to PCMag’s testing, its spam filter is the best. It is integrated with popular Outlook. Its Ransomware Protection also works. Residual mode of BitDefender is a special safe mode. With this help you will be able to save your system from ransomware or malware. Its autopilot feature continues to work. Free version of BitDefender’s antivirus tool is also available. If you are not satisfied with the 30-day Internet Security Trial, then use the antivirus tool.

Avira Antivirus Pro

The name seems to be the only antivirus program, but Avira comes with firewalls and parental monitoring. Basic firewalls allow you to set guidelines and profiles for the app. So that you have more control when you go to private and public networks. So that you have more control when you go to private and public networks. As soon as the software recognizes children in the social networking module, it keeps them from suspicious profiles.

You do not get much add-ons in Avira. But if you are looking for entry-level suites that give firmware protection against viruses and malware as well as simple firewall protection, then avira antivirus pro will do your best.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

It is clear from the name of Emsisoft anti-malware that it is the best in case of malware protection. The software is quite smart, Especially in terms of granting access to Windows to a new program. There is an additional feature fishing protection in it. But its potential is not very magnificent.

Symantec Norton security

Symantec has been working on its security package for many years. The effect of which appears in the presentation of the software. Simantech delivers its Norton Security Suite in different style. Its standard version is Rs 749, the Deluxe version is available at Rs 1,399 and the premium version is Rs 2,999. These prices are for the first year only. This can be high on renewing them.

McAfee Internet Security

Most vendors want to give you the complete package, which is more than antivirus needs. The protection of McAfee or Intel is for every platform. Mac, Android or iOS device.

EScan Internet Security

The EScan Internet Security Suite comes with many features. With antivirus tools, it comes with Web Protection, Privacy Control, Firewall, Spam Filtering, and Endpoint Security Feature. Antivirus feature uses BitDefender’s engine.

If you just need antivirus

If you want anti-virus then Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus or Panda Free Antivirus can be used. All of these are available for free. On the other hand, BitDefender antivirus plus, Kaspersky anti-virus and MacAfee antivirus software provide strong protection from the vires. However for this, you will have to pay a price.

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