10 uses of an OTG cable, which you never had known

Android smartphones can connect to many other devices, including user printers, hard disk drives, game consoles, lights keyboards and keyboards i.e. all these devices work can on smartphones, but how…?? So the answer to the question is…OTG cable. A good quality OTG cable comes to about Rs. 50. Not only this, the user can also use the OTG connector instead of the cable. Which costs 20 to 30 rupees.
What is OTG cable …
– OTG is a cable that lets the user connect another device to the smartphone.
– There is a micro on one side and a micro USB connector on the other part.
– Micro USB connector is connected to the smartphone’s charging slot.
Right there, a device is connected to a mini USB port.
– Any devices connected to the cable should have USB ports.

OTG cable can connect these devices:

Connecting joystick to smartphone:

The user can also connect the joystick of the smartphone. However, whether the joystick will work on your Smartphone or not, well joystick work on all the smartphones. By the way, with the help of joysticks, the user can easily play games like car racing, shooting on his smartphone.

Contact, message sharing:

With the help of OTG cable, the user can also share two smartphone contacts and messages. However, for this, it will need a third-party app. As Samsung made the SmartSwitch app for this work. With this help, data transfer can be done by connecting two smartphones.

Connecting the camera to the smartphone:

You can also connect a digital camera with a smartphone. The advantage of this is that you want to insert a photo of the camera in a smartphone then you can direct it. This means that for the user to transfer the photo or video of the camera, the middle platform, such as computers or laptops, will not be needed.

Connecting music to phone:

Any music instructors coming in the market such as music ki-boards, guitars or others can be connected to the Direct PC. They have a MIDI or USB port. In such a way, these Instruments can also connect direct to the user smartphone.

Print from a document smartphone:

The user can easily print a document in the phone with the help of OTG cable, by installing the PrintShare app in his smartphone. This app opens the printer directly. By the way, most Android smartphones have this app build-in.

Connecting hard discs with smartphones:

Portable hard disk drives can also be connected with smartphones with the help of OTG cable. That is, you can easily transfer files. If the drive does not connect then it must be powered by power, in such a case it may not be connected to the smartphone.

Connecting keyboards and mouse:

With the help of OTG cable on any Android smartphone, the mouse or key board can easily connect. The typing work can be done easily with the help of a key board on a smartphone. At the same time, with the mouse, the user can operate easily by keeping the phone away.

Connecting the USB Light to the smartphone:

There are many lights in the market that come with the USB connector. This type of light can be easily connected with the help of an OTG cable. It starts to burn as soon as it is connected. They can also be connected to laptops.

Connecting a USB fan to a smartphone:

Fans like the USB light are also coming up. They do not air like a big fan, but they can get some relief in the summer. This can also connect direct to the smartphone with the help of OTG cable. External power is not needed for this.

Smartphone Charging With Smartphones:

With the help of OTG cable, a smartphone can be charged from another smartphone. For this, the user also needs a USB cable with OTG cable. Connect these two smartphones with the help of these cables. The smartphone which will be charged more mAh will charge another smartphone. During the journey or during the Emergency, these smartphones can be charged with this technique.

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