If you are worried about low storage of iPhone and iPad, then this flash drive may work for you.

After launching its IXpand Flash Drive this year, Western Digital launched its SanDisk IXpand Mini Flash Drive on Monday. The company has introduced this flash drive as a solution for low storage of iPhone and iPad. The SanDisk IXpand Mini Flash Drive has already been made available in India with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage capacity. Its price is between Rs 2,750 and Rs 7,050. The new flash drive is available exclusively via Flipkart online.

Western Digital claims that the transmission speed of up to 70 Mbps is available from the SanDisk IXpand Mini Flash Drive. Western Digital said in a release that the new drive design is slightly different than this year’s launch drive and users can connect the drive directly to the iPhone or iPad without removing the cover. This drive comes with a Lightning connector and a USB 3.0 connector, which can transfer file between iPhone / iPad and Mac or PC faster and easier.

Mr. Khalid Wani, managing director of Western Digital Corporation India, said, “Smartphones and tablet users are now making the most of content, and we know that the customer is looking for such physical mobile storage which is used Be easy and portable and dependable. With the new SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive, the iPhone and iPad users have the opportunity to capture every moment without worrying about lack of storage. ”

SanDisk supports an app with IXpand Mini Flash Drive, which is named as the IXpand Drive App. It works with the iPhone and iPad, which automatically backs up. In addition to the photos tagged in social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, in the backup content include the photos present in the gallery. Apart from this, through this app you can also watch videos from user drive.

With the iXpand Drive app, you can cast content on your television from the IXpand Mini Flash Drive via Youtube chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. This app is already available to download at the App Store. The new flash drive comes with encrypted software that lets the file stay safe with the password and users can save the file as well as share the content.

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