Know Before Buying Power Bank, These 7 Things

It is very important for you to have Power bank, if you have gone for a walk and your phone’s battery is over, in such a situation, your mind will feel that I wish I had a power bank too. If you are thinking of buying Power Bank now, but are confused by seeing all the power banks sold in the market. So let us now tell you what things should be taken care of when buying a power bank.

Power Bank’s Capacity
When you buy a power bank, you should know about its capacity. It means its battery. If your phone’s battery is 1,500mAh then you should buy 3,000mAh or more of power bank.

Quality and safety-

When purchasing a power bank, take full care of his quality. As soon as he charges the phone and how long it runs, because poor quality power banks can spoil your phone too.

USB charging option-
The biggest feature of this power bank is that there are several ports for charging. Meaning how many phone charging it can be. There should be several types of connector ports in the power bank, so that mobile and tablet can also be charged.

LED indicator-
It is very important to have an LED indicator in the power bank. It knows about the battery level and how much the power bank has been charging. So buy power bank with LED indicator.

Whenever u plan to buy the power bank, buy a branded one. The advantage of this will be that you get better battery and charging circuits in the power bank, because the cost of your phone is more than the power bank.


Whether there in the world any work is done, Safety has to be taken care of. Many users put the mobile in charge with the power bank during the night sleep. In this case, a power bank with a bad battery can also blast.

Power Bank’s Empire-
The Power Bank you are purchasing is the power supply of how many amps. For example – if your phone needs 2.1 amps power then you should buy o e with power bank of 2.1 amps or more.

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