Now it is easier to read content on Google without internet

Google has made a new update on Chrome for Android users, so that reading offline content is going to be even easier. Now users will be able to access content easily without internet connection. The company has made improvements and changes to the latest version of Chrome’s download features on Android.

So far, you had to click the save button on the Chrome menu to view web pages, music, and videos later. Later, to download your saved content, click on the download. But now it has become easy. Now you have to just press long on any link after which the download link option will be visible.

Along with this, a new button ‘Download Page Letter’ is also given on Chrome’s offline page, which will be downloaded when it comes to Internet connection. At the same time, any articles you have downloaded will be seen in the new offline badge, which you can see in New Tap. Google has said through a blog post that for this you have to download the latest Chrome version.

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